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In conversation with Shubha Mudgal

How does classical music connect the artist and the listener?


Shubha Mudgal describes the magic:

There’s an interpretation that is given by the performer, and the receiver, or the listener, can actually receive quite a different signal from it. So I think that’s the beauty of it all, this interpretational quality, both for the performer as well as for the listener, which makes it quite a mystical, quite a magical experience. And it’s a tradition which has been very strong, which is, you know, a living tradition. It’s not a museum of art. Because people still love it, people still practice it, so it remains a living tradition and one that is connected with some of the most beautiful art forms in India.

The arts really are enriching for a person, and an engagement, a long standing, a sustained engagement with the arts usually makes for a more sensitive human. And I think that’s more important, that’s the kind of people we want in today’s world.