Potpourri of influencesMohit Lal

"Music is a medium that truly liberates us," says 40-year-old tabla player Mohit Lal, whose musical journey has been a potpourri of influences that has created the versatile musician he is today.

Born in a family with profound influence of kathak (dance) and Indian classical music from the Jaipur Gharana, Mohit trained under several teachers from the Delhi and Ajrara Gharana and eventually joined a prominent fusion band.

From starting his training at the age of eight, his first solo performance for the Sahitya Kala Parishad Scholarship at the age of 11, to performing across the globe in more than 300 concerts and festivals, Mohit has come a long way.

An independent artist now, he shares that his tryst with the famous Indian fusion band Advaita, was one of the most enriching and defining points of his career.

"I was introduced to the band by a friend in 2005, just a year after it was formed. The concept and the talent were so fascinating that I immediately joined as the band's tabla player and continued with them for the next 14 years. From various concerts to popular platforms like Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged, my journey with Advaita was extremely memorable," adds Mohit.

Additionally, the musician has also been associated with the HCL platforms for the past five years.

The platform allowed him an opportunity to perform regularly with various artists, including Advaita and Bawari Basanti. Talking about his experience with HCL Digital Concerts, Mohit says, "This platform is not limited to a particular kind of music or musicians. It gives the much-needed opportunity to all deserving artists, and that is fantastic. Plus, due to its scale and reach, this platform has proven to be a great boost to careers of young or emerging artists."

HCL Digital Concerts is a platform meant to identify aspiring musicians and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent through digital as well as physical music concerts.

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