Patience and passion, a story of revivalSaptak Chatterjee

Nine months back when Saptak Chatterjee moved to Mumbai from Delhi to pursue his dream career in music, he only had a faint knowledge of the challenges that lay ahead. He was ready for the struggle and had armed himself with tons of patience and a heart full of passion. It was time to work harder and endure the toughest bit - the wait till he would find the relevant projects in Mumbai.

This 25-year old Hindustani classical singer is among the impressive population of youth striving to revive Indian classical music to its former glory.

"Today, we have so many different kinds of mediums or avenues to depict our art and interact with the audience. While that has made the world smaller and opened new windows, it has also created more competition and dilution of quality. I wanted to make sure I don't fall into that trap of running after fame that is short-lived," says Saptak, a third-generation Hindustani Classical Vocalist.

He started his training under the tutelage of his grandfather Pt. Arun Kumar Chatterjee and father Pt. Sarathi Chatterjee at the age of 4. Saptak is not only an empaneled artist with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and B High-grade artist with the All India Radio (AIR), but also an accomplished composer and audio engineer. He released his debut album titled Material & Mind in 2018.

The album was received well and gained him an ever-growing number of followers. Talking about the youth's rising interest in going back to the roots he says, "Like fashion, even in music, our country's youth is trying to go back to its classical core and understand the intricacies of pure classical music. Contrary to what many might say, classical music is not dying and this generation is making sure of it," says Saptak.

And it was this spirit that has guided him through the years. From the early-age performances with his idol, his father, to winning several competitions and being involved in big projects, Saptak has come a long way. But the path to this was never easy.

"Money has always been a big challenge. I have been completely broke a number of times and that is because finding a continuous flow of good work to stay afloat is very difficult. There's already so much talent in Mumbai and then coming from Delhi, as an outsider, it takes time to find the right footing," he shares.

It was at one such juncture that he came across HCL Digital Concerts and applied in 2018 after attending a few of their annual concerts. Finally, in January 2020, he got the opportunity to perform in a digital concert.

"For the first time, I could portray both types of my music on one stage. In the first half, I performed pure Hindustani Classical music and in the next 30 minutes, I performed with my band. It was an extraordinary experience. For young artists like me, it's a huge opportunity, especially in terms of exposure and visibility," he adds.

He hopes such exposure will unlock many more opportunities, and someday complete financial stability. HCL Digital Concerts is a platform meant to identify aspiring musicians and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent through digital as well as physical music concerts.

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