From Etawah Gharana to European JazzShakir Khan

One of the most promising young exponents of Indian classical music, Shakir Khan, belongs to the 8th generation of the Etawah Gharana. He is the son and disciple of sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez. Growing up in a family with such deep roots in classical music, Shakir decided to follow in his father's footsteps to continue the unbroken legacy of their family's musical talent.

Also a close blood relative of the legendary sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, Shakir's musical journey began at the age of three. His talent slowly blossomed into potential brilliance when he made his first public debut as a sitarist at the age of eleven.

Following countless hours of riyaaz, studies and recitals, slowly and steadily, Shakir's art matured. With all that hard work and the blessings of his guru, he was soon ready to venture independently into the highly competitive world of Hindustani Classical Music.

A rising star, Shakir has already performed at several prestigious concerts across India, including the Dover Lane Music Conference (Kolkata), Sawai Gandharva music festival (Pune), the Saptak Music Festival (Ahmedabad), Bombay Festival (Mumbai), the Tansen Music Festival (Gwalior) and the Shankarlal Music Festival (Delhi). The musical notes of his sitar have traveled beyond the seas as well with many successful performances in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Still brimming with potential for greatness, Shakir's talent was recognised by the Government of India almost a decade back when he won the merit scholarship in cultural arts at the All India Radio (AIR) Music competition.

Today, this 37-year-old artist is a prominent name in the cultural corners of the country and abroad as well. While maintaining the authenticity of his art, he has also collaborated with a number of international fusion projects like the European Jazz ensemble, Taalism.

"Music is my heart and soul and the truest portrayal of the person I am. And today, with technology, that magical experience has been revolutionized. There wasn't so much exposure and opportunity in the earlier days but now everything is possible. Technology has truly aided in bringing out the hidden talents on a global front," he says.

And it was this perspective that brought him closer to HCL Digital Concerts, where he performed in February 2020. Recalling the experience, he shares, "From the infrastructure, the recording, the organisation to the professionalism shown by each and every member, it was absolutely extraordinary. Performing there was a refreshing and exciting endeavour and I hope to find more of those in the future."

HCL Digital Concerts is a platform meant to identify aspiring musicians and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent through digital as well as physical music concerts.

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