Spreading knowledge, ensuring sustenanceNaveen Kumar Mishra

Naveen Kumar Mishra, a Hindustani classical sitar player, began his musical journey at the age of 4.

As a student of the renowned Benaras Gharana, one of the most important lessons that he imbibed was that good music needs ample time and patience.

"Learning music involves several evolutionary steps. So, in the first few years, to build and groom my sense of sur, I was made to learn vocals. The next step was taal, so I graduated to learning tabla and santoor. With time, I slowly grew more interested in sitar and began learning it when I was 10 years old. And since then, the sitar has been my constant companion," says the 39-year-old Lucknow-based musician.

Naveen learnt to play the sitar from his father, Pandit Sidhnath Mishra and is an 8th generation musician of the family.

His professional career as a musician began in his teenage years through various stage performances.

Like many before him, he was interested in practicing as well as teaching music and joined the Sangeet Kala Mandir Mahanagar, a music academy in Lucknow, in 1997. There he continued as a sitar teacher for the next three years.

"When any individual gets inducted in the journey of learning Indian classical music, they invariably assume the responsibility of being its torchbearer and upholding its heritage. For me it was no different, so as an artist it was my duty to spread the knowledge as much as I can and ensure its sustenance," adds Naveen, who also went on to acquire a PhD in Music.

Naveen has not only been instrumental in educating many but has also reconnected with his alma mater, Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, Lucknow, to churn out the future generation of artists. Much like his father, who worked as a music professor here, Naveen has also been continuously involved with the institute to enhance its music curriculum.

Now a prominent Indian classical sitarist with several accolades and collaborations to his name, Naveen has performed all across the country. He also lists his experience at the HCL Digital Concerts as one of the most memorable, primarily because of its novelty.

"When performing on stage, we usually improvise based on the reaction and mood of the audience. But, in this scenario, there wasn't any audience in front of me. There was no deafening deluge of applause or reactionary gesture to watch—all of it was online. The idea was both daunting and exciting. After being a musician for so many years, this experience was quite rejuvenating, as I learnt something new. In this public performance, I performed just for myself," says Naveen who performed with HCL Digital Concerts in 2019.

"As we artists strive to remain relevant in today's fast-evolving times, going digital and staying there, is key. HCL Digital Concerts is a platform which I feel will play a huge role in helping artists like me be a part of this exciting journey", he adds.

HCL Digital Concerts is a platform meant to identify aspiring musicians and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talent through digital as well as physical music concerts.

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